Florent C. Darras


Born in Niigata Shi, Japan, Florent Caron DARRAS began studying music as a chorister in Angers’ School for Sacred Music, whilst also learning classical percussion at the Angers Conservatoire. A Master’s graduate in musicology from the Sorbonne University with 1st Class Honours gave him the opportunity to research Japanese contemporary music, while pursuing superior studies in Musical Analysis and Aesthetics at the Paris Conservatoire CNSMDP (where he received the Prize from the Fondation de France in 2010). In 2012 he succeeded in the french “Agrégation” competitive teaching examination.

The music of Florent C. DARRAS is the place of a reflexion about the human being and the state of symbols of the mutating world in which he is living. He studied composition with Jean-Luc HERVÉ and Yan MARESZ prior to entering Stefano GERVASONI’s composition class at the Paris Conservatoire. He namely met and received advices from the composers Toshio HOSOKAWA, Susumu YOSHIDA, and Georges APERGHIS. Beside of the music writing, F. C. DARRAS practices improvisation using frame drums and Persian percussions.